Selenia is the daughter of Emporer Sifrat, She is 1000 years old in the years measured by the blooming of the selenia flower. She has a younger brother Prince Betameche. She has a determined character, strong-willed In the pre-edited version, the love story between Selenia and Arthur has much more too it, involving the tradition of the first kiss exchange meaning that the two that kissed are wed. Selenia kisses Arthur and thus, they are wed, a following tradition is mentioned saying that now they must wait 1000 years before kissing again, because "Desire and faith has to be put to the test" "That which is rare is always valued highly." (as quoted from Selenia in the deleted scene of Arthur and the Invisibles) Princess Selenia is around 1,080 years old (in Minimoy Years) in the 2nd and 3rd movies of the Arthur trilogy. In the 1st movie she is 999. After getting to know Arthur, she falls in love with him. Arthur had begun to fall for her earlier, upon seeing a sketch of her in his grandfather's journal. She is a master martial artist and kisser.

Arthur and the Invisibles Edit

Selenia is first seen (in the movie) in a picture belonging to Archibald Suchot.

Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard Edit

Selenia is captured by Maltazard, which causes quite a few complications in returning Arthur to the Human world.

Arthur and the war of the two worlds Edit

Selenia plays a vital role in this movie, as she is the one that ultimately defeats Maltazard.


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