Daisy Suchot





Hair color



Archibald Suchot (Husband)
Arthur (Grandson)
Rosie Suchot (daughter)
Francis (Son-in-law)


Arthur and the Invisibles

Played By

Mia Farrow

Daisy Suchot is Arthur's Grandma who takes care of him during school breaks. Her Archibald Suchot went missing after going to see the Minimoys, but she did not know that he went to see the Minimoys. She is known for her yummy cake! She taught Arthur about the Minimoys in the books that her husband left. Soon after that Daisy locked Arthur in his room so that he would not do anything crazy. (to look for the rubies) Soon after Arthur went missing because he went to the Minimoys world to seek the hidden treasure. Daisy had a box that said Days without you that she had put the days without her husband there in the box was a picture of her husband. When Arthur went missing she put a picture of him in there and started to count the days he was missing. I don't think she thought that the Minimoys were real until she saw the rubies that Arthur found at the end of the 1st movie.