Prince Simono Matradoy de Betameche, known simply as Betameche or Beta to his friends, is the younger brother of Princess Selenia and the son of Emperor Sifrat. At 347 years old, he is still a youth by Minimoy standards. His biggest contribution is his magical 300-function pocket knif, though he's still learning how to use it properly.


Betameche is short, even by Minimoy standards, slightly chubby, and almost always smiling. He has bright blue eyes, long pointed ears and a large mass of bright red hair on his head. He wears a Brown Vest.


Beta is friendly and fun-loving, and apparently has a habit of getting into mischief. Though he loves his father and older sister dearly, he often gets frustrated the fact Selenia takes every chance she can to tease and pick on him. Beta's dearest wish is for his father and people to take him seriously, rather than viewing him as a joke. Betameche loves having Arthur as a Brother-in-Law, as the outlander actually treats him like he matters...though he could do without Arthur and Selenia's tendency to get romantic in situations that don't call for it. After their first kiss, it is Betameche who reminds Selenia of royal protocol stating that a princess and her new husband must wait another ten moons to share their second kiss, in order to test the strength of the bond of their marriage.

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