Arthur Bigantolle (born July 31, 1950[1]) is the protagonist of the Arthur trilogy.


in the Minimoy form, he has fair skin, white hair, orange eyes, he wears a brown vest


When Arthur goes missing, his grandmother finds him reading up on his grandfather's travels in Africa. Soon, his grandmother and he go shopping, with the former getting the latter a surprise birthday cake.

When they get back, Arthur builds his own personal viaducts, claiming they will be "bigger than Grandpa's, better than Caesar's". When he turns the tap on, finding that they work, his grandmother calls him to answer the telephone. Finding out it's his parents on the other end, he states his excitement for his creation, hoping they will be home in time to see it. Though, they let him down, saying they won't make it for some time. Luckily, his grandmother then brings in his birthday cake, along with presents. He opens his presents, finding a new ball from his dog, Alfred, and a wind-up car from his granny. After getting upset from his parents not being there for his birthday, he makes an emotional wish, that his grandfather, who has not been seen for years, will be there the following year for his birthday.

That night, Arthur's grandmother reminisces to Arthur about Archibald's time in Africa, mentioning the Bogo Matassalai, the big bag of rubies given in return, and the Minimoys.

The following day, Ernest Davido visits Arthur's grandmother about their eviction. When he arrives, he trips over Arthur's brand new ball, causing him to throw it in the water silo, and call Arthur "rat-boy". When he hears of the eviction, Arthur decides to find the rubies. He searches through the yard, as well as through his grandfather's work. After finding a serious of clues, Arthur finds directions on how to get to the Minimoys. After following these detailed instructions, he meets the Bogo Matassalai, who tell him that his heart "is the strongest of weapons". He then peers through Archibald's telescope, and meets prince Betamech. He is then shrunk, and taken before the King Minimoy. In this turn of events he not only meets Selinia, the Kings daughter, but also pulls a sacred sword out of the ground.(which Selinia failed to do)Arthur then tells the King of his quest to find Archibald's treasure. Instead he is informed that Malthazard, or commonly known as the Evil M, has stolen the treasure. Arthur, Selenia and Betamech set out to take back the treasure. During this time Arthur and Selenia develope close feelings for one another. They meet a pub owner named Max who gives them directions but they are soon captured anyway. The trio are taken before Malthazard, who throws them in the dungeon. Arthur then discovers Archibald in the dark. The Evil M then reveals his plans to flood the Minimoys village and get his revenge.

Arthur then tells one of Malthazards servants(who is a Minimoy that was previously captured) to shine the light of the rubies at a certain time. Malthazard gives his hostages 3 minutes to get to the Minimoys village before he floods the tunnels. Arthur, Selenia, Betamech and Archibald avoid this fate by driving Arthurs wind up toy car to the Minimoy village. As they enter they baracade and seal the doors shut, thus ruining Malthazards plan. The Minimoys thank Arthur for his brave deeds send him and Archibald back home and to their normal sizes. Arthur then gets his ball and drops it down the pipe, which is illuminating with light from rubies, which results in Malthazards forces being destroyed. The Evil M even leaves behind his son, Darkos, to die. Arthur then reaches down and takes away the hostage and the treasure. First, he gives the rubies to the developer and then returns Mino back to the Minimoy village. The film ends with Arthur siting in his room as Selenia watches him.



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