Archibald Suchot[1] is the a treasure hunter, explorer and engineer, as well as the grandfather of Arthur.


Archibald Suchot helped build the Bogo Matassalai tribe an irrigation system. In return, they gave him a big bag of 


rubies. He hid his bag of rubies in the Minimoy's land so that no one but himself could get it. One day, he went to retrieve his bag of rubies from the Minimoys' land; he never returned. However, he left clues and notes for Arthur as a precaution, just in case he did not return to our world. Many clues lead from one to another until Arthur unlocks the key to go to the land of the Minimoys. When Arthur arrives at the Maltazard's lair, he sees that the Evil M has his Grandfather's rubies and was using them as his throne. Soon after, Arthur gets thrown into the dungeon. In the dungeon, he finds his Grandpa. Before the Evil M sends them away, Arthur tells Mino that when the clock hits noon he (Mino) should shine the lights (Mino uses light reflectors to shine light on certain objects) on the rubies so he (Arthur) knows where they are. Then Maltazard (The Evil M) sends them out of the dungeon to run back to their village before he turned on the water to destroy the Minimoys' village. He gives them 100 seconds to run through the tunnel, but Archibald starts getting tired and tells them to leave without him. He said to "Pray for a miracle", and a few seconds later, Arthur noticed that Archibald was sitting near his toy car! (The toy car was given by his Grandma, Daisy Suchot, for his birthday, but Ernest Davido kicked down Arthur's car down the drain.) They cranked up the car and started driving for the Minimoys village. Suddenly, the car stopped near the door. They jumped out of the car and started running as fast as they could. They were able to make it safely into the Minimoy's village. Soon after, they (Archibald and Arthur) returned to our world. Now all that Arthur needed to do was wait for Mino to get the lights pointing at the Rubies. Mino did as he was told and got out safely with the rubies. The Evil M's lair was now drowning because Arthur put his baseball in the pipe that they were in. Now that Arthur had the rubies, he gave it to the Grandpa so he could pay for the land. 


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